Love and Loss on the New York Subway System

A Film by James Stuart

Every day a tribe meets below ground

Hidden in NYC’s subway system there is a thriving subculture, rail fans; young men from the inner city who head into the subway not to travel from A to B, but to revel in the sights and sounds of the system. See what the city’s subway obsessives find so fascinating about this sprawling, crowded and broken-down system – riding the subway in order to escape

Rail Fan is a documentary about obsession, seeking refuge and the very human impulse to find a home. The film is a 36 minute look into what it means to turn to the subway for solace.

Produced, filmed and edited by first-time filmmaker James Stuart, Rail Fan casts a poetic lens onto this otherwise unseen urban tribe, the NYC Rail Fan.

Rail Fan:

What is it that drives these young men underground
and how has the subway system
transformed them?